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Centennial, CO

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    WordPress is supposed to be easy! It’s the setup, however, that takes skill. Site maintenance is the next important step. Once the foundation is laid, WordPress really is easy!

    So, stop fiddling with your WordPress site! Let the experts optimize things for you! Whether it’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backup, updates, security, performance issues, theme & plugin conflicts, or even need for a redesign – we’re ready for your toughest challenge!

    Wordpress Optimization

    Latest Tips & Tricks

    Learn the tricks of the trade! Topics include SEO, tweaks, performance improvements, and more!

    • SEO usually requires the use of many tools. What’s cool is that many of the best tools are provided to us for free by the search engines themselves! It is in their best interest f

    • If you think of the web as a giant metropolis, websites are connected by roads. The bigger roads carry more traffic to more populated areas. Using sophisticated link analysis, search en

    • Having a great website is critical to SEO. Sounds obvious, right? Well, you’d be surprised how many people try to “force” SEO without having a good website. Search eng

    Why Chuck Daddy Tech Solutions?

    WordPress experts are seemingly everywhere these days. Many are big corporate entities that have lost connection with their individual clients while others take advantage of customers for a quick buck. Founded with this understanding, Chuck Daddy Tech Solutions is committed to providing you top-notch service without ripping you off! We are dedicated to providing the best service and preventative care. Our goal is for your WordPress site to operate at top performance so you can focus on your content and customers! We're more than tech support, we're tech solutions!

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    What's the Point?

    Can't I manage my WordPress site myself? Yes, you can!
    But it can be hard to stay up on the latest security measures and updates. Besides all that, backing up your website should be a top priority. Once again, you can do this yourself too, but the problem lies in the recovery plan. Leave it to the experts to be sure that you never have downtime. Remember, a broken website can mean huge amounts of lost revenue!
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is another factor that we can tackle for you. Don't fall for SEO gimmicks, let us ensure that your site is always at the top of the search results!