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WordPress SEO Basics – Part 1

Wordpress SEO

WordPress SEO Basics – Part 1

Search engines do two things:

  1. Crawling and indexing
  2. Providing answers

Just remember this fundamental basic when you work on WordPress SEO for your site. Crawling and indexing is how search engines make sense of the crazy traffic jam that is the interweb! This is a difficult task and needs to be done efficiently. Your job in SEO is to make this job easier for spiders and crawlers. Providing answers is the job of the search engine. If the results of a search do not give the user adequate or useful information, they will be disappointed (this is why old search engines like Excite are dead now).

You may ask now, “Okay, so what do I do to get some success in SEO?” Well, I’m glad you asked!

Basics people! Don’t deceive your users by providing them with content that is different from what search engines deliver. This practice is called “cloaking” and is thoroughly frowned upon. Secondly, build your site so that it makes sense. If you build the navigation so that people can use the site, then search engines will be able to use the site too. Lastly, use descriptive, human-friendly keywords and titles – don’t manipulate! This can be made very easy in WordPress with Yoast SEO. This plugin will even give you advice on how you’re doing. But, once again, keep it basic people!

If you want some good, in-depth reading on this subject, check out Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Check back next week for more on SEO for WordPress…