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WordPress SEO Basics – Part 2

Google Search Heat Map

WordPress SEO Basics – Part 2

Empathy is everything! Once you get your head wrapped around what your target market is looking for, you can more effectively reach out to and keep those users. This is what WordPress SEO is all about!

The key here is to “Build for users, not for search engines!” Remember the basic ways in which people search:

  1. “Do” or Transactional Queries – this is when someone wants to do something like buy a products on an eCommerce site or listen to streaming music.
  2. “Know” or Informational Queries – this is when someone needs information like the name of an actor in a movie or the closest gas station.
  3. “Go” or Navigational Queries – this is when someone wants to go to a particular place on the internet like Facebook or a news website.


Search engine users are looking for these three search outcomes. Are you serving appropriate material to your customer? What do they want, a Do, Know, or Go? It is the job of the search engine to deliver these proper results to the user, but it is the job of SEO to make sure the search engine has good deliverables.

A 2011 study published by the blog User Centric, showed that people’s eyes are drawn to search results near the top of the page and to organic results over paid results. The heat map at the top of this article shows how people’s eyes looked at search results.

What does all this mean? Being at the top of search results provides not only the greatest amount of traffic, but it also instills a sense of trust in consumers as to the worthiness of the website. So if your site is not what people expect, but is at the top of search results, you are in a world of hurt because now you have to try to regain your customer’s trust.

So, focus on learning the foundations of SEO so that you can achieve the goals you wish for your customers!